"Frantic orthodoxy is never rooted in faith but in doubt. It is when we are not sure that we are doubly sure." - Reinhold Niebuhr

This site is an attempt to create a one-stop location for an understanding of the Religious Right, how its kidnapping of "morality", rhetoric and behaviour threatens basic human rights, the people involved, and to provide support for people trapped in the fundamentalist lifestyle/mindset.

Christians, Jews and Muslims are all "children of the book". Most of the problems caused by religion in today's world (and in times past) is caused by "fundamentalists" who distort the teachings of their respective religions for their own purposes, often political. Islam is a religion of peace and caring. Fundamentalist Islam is a religious ideology promoting hatred of the United States and Israel. Christianity is a religion of love. Fundamentalist Christianity is a religious ideology proclaiming hatred against Jews, Catholics, gays, immigrants and anyone not like themselves.

Down through history, the Religious Right has been opposed to science and free thought, subjecting their opponents to torture, hanging and burning at the stake. More recently, religious people have been content to distribute leaflets and tracts, confident that Armageddon will happen soon. Now, however, the Religious Right has taken to the streets, the airwaves (televangelism), the media, the Internet and especially politics in a bold attempt to get people to conform to their version of "morality". 

To this end, they have been using the following tools:

  • Television and radio
  • Newspaper publications, ads and editorials
  • The mail
  • Billboards and bumper stickers
  • public funding of religious programs
  • Religious tracts, flyers, pamphets, voter guides and give-away magazines
  • Bestsellers like the Left Behind series
  • Local, State/Provincial and Federal politics including George W. Bush
  • Right-wing Dominionist economic policies
  • Using government supplied funds (eg. abstinence education) for religious purposes
  • The Courts
  • The Schools
  • The Workplace
  • Junk science and Conservative think tanks
  • The Internet
  • Picketing funerals
  • Picketing and boycotting Disney and other gay-friendly companies
  • violence
  • Attacks on other religions

Lately their primary target has been the LGBT community, whom they say are sodomites, perverts and "an abomination", "should be put to death" and will "burn in hell" due to eternal damnation. They claim to have Biblical proof to justify this. They claim there is a "gay agenda" designed to spread AIDS, prey upon children and destroy "family values" by (among other things) gay marriage, gay adoption and other "special rights" and have been therefore furious with any government body it perceives as promoting gay rights. The religious right also promotes an ex-gay movement that claims to cure gay orientation. The most recent result of this activity has been an unprecedented wave of hatred, homophobia, discrimination and violence. Interestingly, the Religious Right now complains about being discriminated against.

In many cases the Religious Right has little to do with religion and plenty to do with money and politics. Many televangelists TV programs are nothing but ongoing demands for more and more money from their viewers. Some churches have become so emmeshed in politics that the IRS has removed their tax-exempt status.

People have complained that I am tarring all religious people with the same brush, making this a hate site against Christians. That is not my intention. There is a group of people who have identified themselves as being the Religious Right. I playfully refer to them as the "Rabid Religious Right" or "RRR" for short. This site addresses remarks and behaviour of those people individually and as a group where they have so identified themselves. 
They are promoting a twisted message of Christ, something hateful and practically unrecognizable and certainly not "Christian". In many cases this is through no fault of their own - they have been brainwashed. I hope to offer a ray of hope to people affected by this ideology.
I have attempted to link all information to my original source.

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