Wednesday, 23 May 2012

They're calling for Concentration Camps

I wish I was making this up.

I pray to God that I'm just having "one of my bad days" and I'm hallucinating or my paranoia's running out of control or it's a waking nightmare or a really, really bad migraine.

*sigh*  Nope.  Read it and weep.  Church member defends NC pastor: LGBT people ‘worthy of death’

There it is.  They literally want us behind barbed wire and they might deign to drop us a food package once in awhile, although that looks like an afterthought.

If it was just the pastor ranting away it would be one thing, but his followers are flapping their yaps about it as well.  Reminds me of the Phelps gang.

My wife IM'd me a link this morning talking about how Fox news viewers are least informed of what's actually going on in the world.  This is hardly new - the conservative "echo chamber" is a well-known artifact.  Just look at Free Republic (actually, don't - they don't needs the hits, JimRob is having a nervous breakdown and the site is just hard on the eyes).

Here's how it works.

Decide upon a "truth".  Let's do "reptilians are taking over the earth".  (OK, that's scary, the spell checker let it through).  Find media outlets friendly to your position and only listen to those media outlets.  Only buy from businesses that are "non-reptile zones".  Don't allow your children to attend school because they teach vertebrate biology which includes reptiles.  Instead, home-school your kids using a curriculum obtained from a special publishing house that only does non-reptilian-friendly literature.  Hell, buy all your books from there.  Read no other literature.  Do not trust encyclopedias because they were written by reptilians.  Everything you thought you knew about US history is wrong - it was written by reptilians.  Do not listen to the radio except the one allowed non-reptilian station.  Same with TV - only watch Fox News.  The only website you're allowed on is Reptilian-free Republic.  Drop all your old friends, shun all your relatives.  If they aren't actively fighting reptilians, then they are against you.  Don't let your children have any friends - they might be corrupted by reptilians.  Go out in your back yard and start digging - the reptilians are coming and you'll need a nuclear-safe bunker.

OK, enough of that.  Now substitute "liberals" for "reptilians" and you've got the Fox news mindset.

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