Friday, 13 July 2012

Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar

Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar because ‘the Bible says’

 A Georgia couple was arrested this week on charges of child cruelty and false imprisonment after their 15-year-old daughter told authorities that she was forced to live in a chicken coop and wear a remote-controlled shock collar. 

These people are likely biblical literalistsI've read the Bible cover to cover in several translations and there's nothing in there about shock collars.  Besides, I've tried them with my dachshunds and they don't work.  The same technique also hasn't worked in the ex-gay movement.

Assuming they were married and the presiding minister asked "does anybody know a good reason why these two should not", somebody should have gotten up and said "they're too stupid to breathe, nevermind breed".

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