Monday, 9 June 2014

Pink Floyd is demonic

I was raised in an authoritarian (see definition in earlier blog entries) household.  Authoritarianism is a closed system that forbids outside influences and is especially fearful of music.

The only radio station we routinely listened to was the local "pop" station where "pop" was music 20 years out of date.  Andy Williams was considered avant-garde. 

However, I was allowed to listen to the classical FM station and eventually begged for and got a set of stereo headphones so I could hear it properly.  One fateful day I decided to break all the rules and change the frequency on the dial.

Now bear in mind that this classical station played all sorts of kewl stuff, not just your Bach and Beethoven, but Stravinsky, Stockhausen, Xenakis, Crumb, blues, jazz and lots of experimental stuff using synthesizers and tape loops and multiple time signatures.

So when I changed the frequency, I stumbled across another station playing a tape loop and I thought I'd found another classical channel.  The loop was jingling coins, cash registers and other money sounds.  Then the bass guitar came in playing a riff in 7/4 time so I figured this must be some jazz thing.  Then the drums came in and I realized I was listening to this forbidden "rock" thing and it was wonderful.  It was, of course, Pink Floyd's "Money" and my life was ruined forever.

I thought it was just because it started my obsession with progressive rock - Yes, King Crimson, Rush, the Nice, Emerson Lake and Palmer.  Little did I know it opened the door to demonic forces.

Pink Floyd is DEMONIC

Near is I can follow,
  • "Satan is the god of this evil world" (I seem to remember it being YHWH)
  • Blue-Ray technology is the tool of the Antichrist. (I thought Pink Floyd pre-dated Blue-Ray)
  • Meditation is the tool of the New World Order because it does not address sin. (huh?)
  • The Great Pyramid (unfinished) is the tower of Babel (I thought they were in different cities)
  • Helen Blavatsky worshiped Satan (relationship to NWO or PF????)
  • musicians sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune (dammit nobody's approached me)
Therefore Pink Floyd led a generation of youth into rebellion against God.

Last I heard, Pink Floyd's crowning achievement - The Wall - was an appeal to open yourself to outside influences, such as the glory of Christ.

But who am I to talk, I'm just the AntiChrist.

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