Monday, 12 March 2012

Me again

My apologies for not updating in so long.  I've been busy with music, I've been busy with work, I've been trying to stay ahead of the housework 'cause my wife's been sick and can't even bend over properly, nevermind do anything resembling housework.  Primarily, though, it's just a real pain in the ass getting signed in here and once I do, I've forgotten what I wanted to post.

I am, of course, watching the US elections with great interest, especially the Republican nomination process.  Let's see if I can make some kind of sense out of it.

The last time the Republicans went through this, it was fairly boring 'cause McCain had it in the bag but when it got to convention time the Rabid Religious Right (I'll often refer to them as the RRR from here on in) were making unsubtle threats to bolt unless their demands were met so we get Palin for VP and it all turns in to a clusterfuck.  So they decided to shuffle things around to try and frontload this a bit, so we have the current mess, which I'll get to in a moment.  The guy who cooked this up thought it might be "entertaining".  He got fired.

OK, so we've got Romney, a Mormon trying to head a Party that hates Mormons.  Then we've got Santorum, a Catholic trying to head a Party that hates Catholics.  Then there's Newt and his baggage.  Problem is he and Santorum are splitting the RRR vote and Romney's running up the middle.  There's another guy running but I can't remember his name and he doesn't have a chance.  Romney comes from big money, brags about big money (including his wife's two Cadillacs) and suddenly starts trying to become populist by saying "y'all" a lot.  Santorum's trying to turn the clock back to the 1950's (been there, done that, didn't like it).

Then Rush Limbaugh spends three days calling some grad student a "slut" who "wants to get paid for sex" and demands video, all because she wanted to tell a committee that a friend of hers couldn't get the medication she needed to prevent an exploding ovarian cyst (which damn near killed my sister).  None of the candidates have said boo, but all Limbaugh's advertisers excepted Armed Forces radio have pulled their advertising, leaving a bunch of dead air.  I talked to a CBC radio tech once who said that dead air is the last sin of broadcasting.  Better to scream obscenities or fart in the microphone.

You see, there's one thing they can't talk about - the economy.  Obama's got it in the bag.  So instead, they've decided to wage war on women.  They've forgotten something.  Women have the vote now.  Women have money now.  Women have guns.  So the next time I hear some redneck go on about the "little woman", I'm reminded of what I tell people trying to annoy my "cute little weiner dog".

Bears kill people.
Honey badgers kill bears.  For kicks.
Dachshunds kill badgers.  For real.
Are you absolutely sure you want to piss off a dachshund?

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