Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Parodying the Religious Right

I was just over at the Confession of a Former Conservative blog reading some old entries and stumbled on his parody of an RRR complaining about the Dr. Who television show.  I remember this parody when it first came out and I was fooled.  The problem is, you cannot easily tell when a parody of an authoritarian is a parody.  They can be so over the top that reality is stranger than fiction.  Check out the following.

madonnas new age end-time-satanism

Years ago when I was teaching, to lighten things up, I tried a ridiculous over-the-top parody of the authoritarian teacher like in the scene from the move Pink Floyd - The Wall.  The problem was, nobody got it.  They thought I was serious.

I've been on other sites like Rapture Ready and read stuff that makes my head spin and figure "this has GOT to be a parody", but I check back of few weeks later and the discussion is still there in all seriousness and the poster is still in good standing and at it again.

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